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Ramar Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

A charitable organization that provides financial assistance to hard working students.

An SEC Registered Foundation
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Why should I donate to RSFI?

RSFI has a proven organization, system, and record for providing financial assistance to economically disadvantaged Filipino high school graduates who want to pursue their college education. It has given financial assistance to 25 scholars since 2007. RSFI can give more scholarships if its funds can be supplanted by donations.

Amount of Donation

Ideally, your donation should be P200,000 to cover one scholar for four years. However, you can donate a smaller amount and your donation will be pooled with other donations. If you donate P200,000 or more you can let RSFI select the scholar for you or you can select a scholar from a specific high school of your choice. Should you opt for the latter, RSFI will coordinate with the principal and guidance counselor of that high school. It will then give you a shortlist of applicants from that school based on RSFI's selection criteria. You will then choose from this shortlist the scholar that you would like to support. You can monitor the progress of your sponsored scholar through email and updates from RSFI.

Donations are tax-deductible

If you are an American citizen or corporation, the amount of your donation is tax-deductible given that Ramar Scholarship Foundation (name of US-based foundation) is a registered foundation. For Philippine donors, donations will be tax deductible as RSFI is now applying for certification with the Philippine Council for NGO Certification.