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Ramar Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

A charitable organization that provides financial assistance to hard working students.

An SEC Registered Foundation
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Your contributions will support more than tuition expenses, but textbooks, computer use, supplies, and food. These are often expenses that other scholarships are unable to cover, and at times, these extra expenses may decide whether a student goes to college at all.

Your Contribution is Tax Deductible

RSFI is a registered not-for-profit entity in the Philippines and in the United States. You will receive a deduction receipt along with your Thank You letter. Consult your accountant for specific restrictions that may apply.

Have a Say in How Your Donation is Used

When submitting your donation, you may select to apply it toward a specific area of interest, or even select a High School to sponsor a Scholar for educational advancemtn. Contact Bong Lorenzo to make specific arrangements.